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Staff Development & Review

We know that true Professionals aren’t created in a vacuum; they require regular support, feedback, training and development opportunities to thrive.

At the Kearney Group, our Staff Development & Review Process (SDRP) involves both Biannual Goal-Setting Reviews and Monthly Mentoring Meetings.  These formal reviews are designed to help you identify and clearly articulate your career goals, and then set, track and performance measure your pursuit of professional development targets.

Biannual Goal-Setting Reviews

  • Biannual Meeting Cycle (2 formal meetings/ year)
  • You will meet with your direct supervisor, key managers, HR personnel or a combination of these people


  • Clarify your personal and professional goals for the short, medium and long term.
  • Identify your current reality and potential obstacles.
  • Identify formal training opportunities and enrichment exercises.
  • Develop targets and timeframes for required action/ training.
  • Knit all of the above into a structured Goals & Actions Statement that will guide your pursuit of professional growth.


Monthly Mentoring Meetings

  • Monthly Meeting Cycle (10 meetings/ year minimum)
  • You will meet 1:1 with your direct supervisor


  • Review your current Goals & Actions Statement and:
    • Reaffirm/ adjust your personal and professional goals.
    • Review/ adjust your current reality and obstacles.
    • Track your progress towards outlined targets and timeframes.
  • Track your progress towards wider targets, budgets and productivity reports.
  • Assess and inspire alignment with the Kearney Group’s Mission, Vision & Values, professional standards and overarching corporate objectives.
  • Provide timely and targeted performance feedback between Biannual Reviews.


My on-going learning is hugely supported by both internal mentorship and external training.

Lilli Borrmann

Accounts Assistant

With Us Since 2013

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